Guided Enrollment

Helping your participants effortlessly set up their retirement plans

Enrolling in a new retirement plan can feel intimidating. Where to start? What to invest in? How to choose a beneficiary?

At TruthPoint Financial, we help take the guesswork out of the process with our enrollment tools and educational guidance.

Our interactive video enrollment process walks your participants through a series of questions, driving engagement and encouraging them to set up a retirement plan with ease.

And you can feel comfortable knowing that your participants are preparing for retirement without added frustration or burden.

Continued Education

Giving your participants the insights they need to plan with confidence

Most of us are not taught how to plan for our retirement years. Which is why retirement planning can feel completely foreign—and downright overwhelming.

TruthPoint Financial helps your participants grasp the complexities of retirement planning with comprehensible, bite-sized education, getting them excited to save for their future.

Here's what your participants can look forward to:

  • Monthly educational emails, providing retirement plan insights that are clear, relevant, and inspirational.
  • Quarterly portfolio review reminders and report updates, helping your participants keep their plan performance
    a top priority.
  • Noteworthy video updates and scheduled events related to retirement planning in all stages of life.
  • Friendly advice from people who genuinely care about your participants’ retirement plan needs.

We want to help you give your employees the retirement they deserve.

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so we can get to know your organization’s specific retirement planning needs.

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