What if...

your retirement plan provider treated you and your employees with personal care attentive guidance honest communication

We’re TruthPoint Financial. And that’s exactly what we do.

We provide simple, transparent retirement plans and a team who cares, ensuring peace of mind for ministry-minded people so they can focus on what really matters — serving others. 

We started TruthPoint Financial because we consistently saw a problem in the retirement planning industry. Hard working, service-minded companies and ministries were not seeing the level of care, personal attention, and honest communication that they — and their retirement plan — deserved. 

So, we set out to disrupt the retirement planning industry by providing 3 key differentiators:

  • Value-based, customized retirement plan solutions built on truth 
  • A clear process and low-cost fees, where transparency is front and center 
  • An unsurpassed level of personalized service and guidance that you can trust 

Yes, everything we do is centered around

TruthPoint Third-Party Partners

In becoming a plan sponsor, you didn’t take on the role of managing investment plans or the myriad of administrative tasks plan sponsorship can entail. And yet, it’s one of the most important and involved responsibilities you have — because assisting your employees in building strong futures matters. 

At TruthPoint, we help reduce some of this burden, providing the guidance and support you need to manage your plan with ease. 

That’s why we’ve done our thorough due diligence to ensure we’ve found third-party partners with industry-leading knowledge and time-tested results. This led us to our two key partners.  

Van Hulzen Asset Management

First, Van Hulzen Asset Management is an investment firm who brings unique, professional financial investment, research, and analysis. 

Penserv Plan Services

Next, we also formed a unique connection with Penserv Plan Services, a leading Third-Party Administrator and Recordkeeper. No one knows the needs of 403(b) and 401(k) retirement plans better than Penserv. 

Together, we deliver higher quality solutions at a lower price.  

Get to know the team

Richard Wilson, 

Managing Director

With 20 years of experience in for-profit and non-profit senior management roles, Richard understands the unique complexities that organizations and their employees face. Time after time, he saw “big investment companies” overlook the exclusive needs of ministry-focused organizations…and he knew there needed to be a change.  

Richard started TruthPoint Financial from a desire to give ministries and non-profits retirement plan solutions that they deserved — simple, transparent plans at the lowest possible fees and ongoing dedicated service to every single person. 

For him, it’s a privilege to partner with ministry-focused organizations and their employees, watching them thrive in the years leading up to and through retirement.