Investment Plans Designed

For your unique needs

At some point, we all think about retirement. Maybe you want to live comfortably in a one-room cabin. Maybe you want to bird watch in all 50 states. Maybe you want to step foot on the moon.

No matter where your aspirations lie, TruthPoint Financial provides purpose-driven investment portfolios built to help you get there.

But first, we thoroughly get to know your organization’s values and your employees’ specific needs. That way, we can tailor a unique plan that aligns with your goals.

Retirement Plan Investments
Investment Retirement Plan Solutions

Your Employees

Are our priority

And we never assume that your employees are investment experts. Whether they are well-informed or newbie investors, we provide easy-to-understand education on our investment choices.

So they can feel comfortable, knowing that their money is being wisely managed while they focus on their goals.

Trustworthy Investment Management

So you don't have to worry

While some retirement plan providers may throw a bunch of investment terms and jargon your way and call it a day, we take a different approach. We are completely transparent with your investments so you never have to feel out of the loop.

Here’s what you’ll get when investing with TruthPoint Financial:

  • Screened and monitored Mutual Funds and ETFs that an employee can select
  • Various models—like Target Dated—and more
  • Regular investment monitoring and recommendations if the performance changes
  • Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) options
  • Diversified investment options for optimal return
  • Advice on how to invest based on your goals

TruthPoint Financial Investments

You want a retirement plan provider that you can trust...
actual people that care about you and what you do.

At TruthPoint Financial, we’re all that and more!

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